Happy Clients Recommend Robert Whitfield and Advantage Realtors

We’re known for Outstanding services, client protections, and results. We are honored and grateful for our happy clients, many who have entrusted us to handle 2, 3, even 5 of their transactions.


East Cobb Property Investor – (Out of Country on Business During 4 Investment Acquisitions and Total Turn-Key Rehabs Managed and Overseen for the Client)

I have used the services of Robert Whitfield in the purchase, rehab, and leasing of four properties (over $995,000 in cash transactions) and highly recommend him. He helped me find the houses, negotiate the price, attend the closing as Power Of Attorney on my behalf, estimate and supervise the rehab work, draft lease contracts, and lease and manage the properties all with proper paper work and documentation. Amazing, fast, detailed, organized service. Delivers what was agreed on and more. Trust, Trust, and Trust. I highly recommend using the services of Advantage Realtors Broker, Robert Whitfield.” —Hani Aboabdo,  Telecommunications Executive

Kennesaw Seller & Columbus Buyer (This was a favor – I only work Atlanta markets north of I-20 – Robert!)

” My daughter hired Robert to help her find a home and referred him to me because she was very impressed with his skills. She told me, mom he is a Broker and construction expert – you do not want an ordinary agent! Robert visited my townhome in Kennesaw to see what he thought he could sell it for. He assured me he would try to get the highest price possible even though it needed some siding work on one side – he actually fixed a loose board for me! Robert listed my home and sold it in only 4 days for the highest price in the neighborhood! He also worked with my lender, HUD, and the closing attorney to remove an old lien on the property, and negotiated time for me to stay after closing so I had time to move into another home, without having to put my belongings in storage. Robert located a nice “looking” rehabbed home but found out after the utilities were turned on, that it had serious plumbing problems – so he helped me cancel the accepted offer. Robert held my earnest money with his firm so it was safe. With little time left before I had to move, Robert immediately found another rehabbed home with utilities on and checked it out and all was fine. I made an all cash offer just under list price and we won the offer! My move from Kennesaw and closing on the new home went very smoothly. As a favor to my daughter and I, Robert agreed to help me find a home in an area well south of Atlanta where he does not normally work. I can not recommend Robert high enough to anyone looking to buy or sell a home – you want someone with his extra experience and dedication!  Maria Gonzalez – Retired

McDonough Buyer

” We hired Robert Whitfield to help us buy a new home, and found his extra services as a construction expert in addition to being a Broker/Owner very valuable. Robert was very responsive and evaluated every home for us before submitting an offer. We did not want to get into the Bidding Wars that were going on in Atlanta in early to mid 2021 so after making one offer at list price, and losing it, we decided to go for new construction homes. We found a few homes we liked but they were too far out in the middle of nowhere south of Atlanta. We found a lot to build on but Robert found out the builder did not disclose it was in a Flood Zone, so we passed on that. Robert then found a wonderful open plan 4 sided brick luxury home that was only 5 years old. He checked out all the high-cost main systems and structure and found it to be in great shape and actually built better than the new homes we were considering. We submitted an offer at list price and waived the inspection contingency and won the offer! As an added bonus the home appraised for the purchase price – something that was not always the case with homes won in bidding wars! Robert advice, actions, and extra services while assisting us prove he puts his client’s best interests 100% ahead of making a sale. If you are looking to buy, sell, or invest in greater metro Atlanta real estate, I highly recommend you talk to Broker Robert Whitfield of Advantage Realtors. – Ida and Mauricio Mason


East Cobb Seller – Walton Highschool District

” I have worked with Robert Whitfield for 5 years, and he has helped me acquire and then manage rental homes with excellent results. I decided to sell one of the older homes, and the appreciation in value vs initial acquisition and rehab costs was an outstanding 48% over 5 years. This is a result of Robert’s excellent upkeep and marketing of the property to get it sold in only 8 days. If you are looking to buy, sell, or invest in Atlanta real estate, I highly recommend you talk to Broker Robert Whitfield of Advantage Realtors. – Hani Aboabdo – Investor & Telecommunications


Milton Buyer – Milton Highschool District

” Robert is so wonderful to work with! He is extremely knowledgeable about the real estate market in the Atlanta area and goes above and beyond for his clients. We are relocating to the area and weren’t able to always be there to visit homes that we were interested in. He recognized how quickly we needed to move in this market to secure a great home. He would book appointments to view homes for as soon as he could and took quality hd video for us so that we could also “see” homes before making an offer. Not only that- but he also performed thorough inspections of each serious contender so that we could be sure that we were making a sound investment. He was our trusted partner throughout the home buying process. In the end, he helped us find a wonderful home in a great neighborhood! We really lucked out in having him as our realtor. It really pays to have someone like him on your side! – Alex and Michael Troidl  – Data Scientist & Pharmacist


East Cobb Buyer – Pope Highschool District

“I really want to thank you for all of your support and advice in helping us find the ideal home for my family so quickly! We emailed you a home in the Pope High School District we wanted to see, and you pre-screened it before taking us to visit it. Your evaluation was not just an ordinary agent preview; but an analysis from the view point of a home construction and inspection expert. This extra service is invaluable, and gave us peace of mind. The extra information you were able to provide about that property (both pros and cons) helped us rule that home out. There were only 4 homes on the market at that time, and the second home you took us to which you had already vetted was much nicer and had some great updates. It was a better home and a better deal, and you helped us get an accepted offer the same day! We found your services superior to the typical real estate agent. You use all your extra skills to really look out for your clients interests, from pre-screening homes, to verifying repairs are completed properly, to crafting the offer in our favor. Thanks again for your guidance throughout the home buying process. I highly recommend Robert Whitfield of Advantage Realtors to anyone wanting to buy or sell a home, and get a lot more in-depth and valuable advice, and quick results! – Jorge Montero – Coca Cola


East Cobb Buyer – Wheeler Highschool District

” The extra insights you provided while viewing homes helped make my final choice an easy one! With a hot market and so few homes, efficiency extra information, and a speedy homefinding process was critical. Your ability to pre-screen and evaluate each home through the eyes of a home construction and inspection expert gave me important insights and peace of mind that I’m sure very few agents are qualified to provide. Staying on top of things, keeping me informed, and collaborating with all the other parties in a timely manner, made everything go as smoothly as possible. For anyone wanting your interests truly placed first, I recommend Robert Whitfield as your Broker of choice for his invaluable insights, more comprehensive services, and quick results! One last note is Robert goes above and beyond to take care of his client. It is very hard to find this level of customer focus by a Realtor.  – Lonnie Turner – Thyssenkrupp Elevator


East Cobb  Seller – Lassiter Highschool District

” To tell you that I am happy is an understatement!! I really want to take a second to thank you for all of your hard work. I do not know enough words – in any language – to thank you for all of your help through this process. It really meant more to me that I can tell you. Thank you for seeing past my heritage and accent. Not everyone would have worked with me, and you did not hesitate. This really meant the World to me! I initially chose you because of your extra marketing power with 7 websites, but it was your deep skills and knowledge of homes and home construction that made all the difference. Helping me by coordinating and overseeing some repairs and renovation using your trusted contractors to get market ready was a major help. Selling my home in only 7 days, and getting a top price ($50K more than my Zestimate) is testament to your skills for sellers! I highly recommend Robert Whitfield of Advantage Realtors for anyone in need of a realtor. – Alexander Williams – Food Designer – Chef


Decatur  Seller – Licensed Realtor, Relocated to NC

As an agent in North Carolina I know Realtors. I chose Robert Whitfield of Advantage Realtors to list my property in Decatur because of his multiple qualifications as a Broker and Construction/Inspection expert. His attention to detail and dedication to his clients far surpassed my expectations.

Robert had my property under contract for a record price six days after we hit the market. He used his expertise and experience to refute several bad inspector calls and saved me money on unnecessary repairs. When we received a low ball, deal-killer appraisal with very little time to react, Robert negotiated and secured the buyer’s agreement to a price change several thousand above the appraisal – still at a record neighborhood price! I highly recommend Robert Whitfield over most other Realtors. His negotiating skills and ability to troubleshoot any problem easily put him among the top agents in the area if not the entire state of GA. — Andrew Layman, NC Realtor


Dunwoody Buyer – Income Property Investor

“Robert was great top to bottom. I value his input, and he really made it an easy process. I will use him again in the future. If you are looking for value, he knows how to find it.” –Wesley Harvey, Information Systems


First Time US Buyer – Duluth – Displaced By Recent Puerto Rico Hurricane

“To all of those that are about to become new home owners, I will recommend the one and only Realtor, Robert Whitfield for sure! This gentlemen has all the experience you need when it comes to buy the right property. Having said that, he is not only a realtor, he is an expert, an inspector, handy man, and most of all a professional that will guide you through the right steps when it comes to making that decision that will invest your time and money, to be put in the accurate and perfect place, leading you on pros and cons and any other thing that can risk you or your property in the future. Honest, sharpness, communicative and liable is the all in one that you can expect while shopping for your dream home.” –Aimee Otero, Office Manager


East Cobb Home Buyer – Lassiter High District

“I was very glad to have Robert’s extra expertise when purchasing my East Cobb home. I had a 2-month deadline to find and buy a home in a preferred school district before my daughter was to enter high school. Robert helped us beat our deadline with no problem. We gave Robert our top home choices from using his MLS home-locating website tools and from the homes he suggest to us. He pre-evaluated all the homes we liked in order to advise us on the pluses and minuses and recommended we avoid certain homes where he found undesirable structural and site issues.

With his construction background, Robert was able to answer my various questions about the new home we placed under contract. In a visual report, he noted for me which items in the Home Inspector’s report the seller should address and which were insignificant. Robert also inspected the seller’s repairs to assure satisfactory completion before closing. Excellent! It is great to have Robert’s construction and rehab experience to oversee and verify contractors’ work.

Robert also had to insist the sellers broom clean the property and remove (about 4 pick up truck loads) of personal items they were trying to leave behind in the home and  basement. This required strong negotiations with the sellers Harry Norman agent who tried to insist (incorrectly) the sellers did not have to remove all their items! Robert was tenacious and cited the relevant contract terms to the agent, and though it required a few extra trips, he stayed on top of the situation and ensured the sellers work was completed before closing, so we would not have to pay to have trash hauled out before moving in!

Robert’s representation, experience, and construction expertise go far beyond what any typical real estate agent can offer. You’ll be glad he is on your side, compared to the many less-experienced agents out there vying for your business.” –Scott Hardin, Theatrical Stage Set Designer


Johns Creek/Alpharetta Luxury Home Corporate Relocation Buyer

Robert’s skills were put to good use in our home buying process. His expertise as a building inspector was valuable in sifting properties that were worth seeing vs. those that were not, allowing us to visit with a clear view as to pros/cons. He did a great job representing us during the home  inspections as we could not be present. Robert is very knowledgeable about Atlanta area homes & market trends. You can rely on his expertise to navigate the home buying process & keep everything on-track.” –Jeff Nesler, IT Manager


Milton Luxury Home Corporate Relocation Buyer

I have been fortunate to have worked with Robert on the purchase of 3 homes over the last 10 years. In each occasion, Robert guided us in our buying decision to perfection. Like many broker agents, Robert has a very good understanding of the market, the neighborhoods, the schools, etc. But  where he really is different from any other broker/agent we have worked with, is Robert knows a great deal about construction, and house systems (like HVAC, septic, etc.). During the selection process, it was really important to us that our representation can quickly recognize a good property, not just as a function of its price/location, etc, but also if the house itself is quality. We most likely would have selected a different property, if not for the insight Robert has and shared with us, and had we made that decision we would be dealing with improvements/repairs now, instead of simply enjoying our home.” –Philip Smith, IBM System Sales Executive


East Cobb New Construction Luxury Home Corporate Relocation Buyer

It is our pleasure to recommend Robert Whitfield as the buyer’s broker of choice for any individual or family searching for the ideal home for their unique situation. We were relocating to Atlanta and needed a larger home with a great yard and we only had about 5 weeks to find a home and get moved or we were going to have to rent, then move twice! Robert made sure we did not have to experience that.

Robert had an initial meeting with us and took diligently noted our specific needs in a single family home, as well as our budgetary limitations. His firm is a member of two MLS systems which enabled him to research multiple real estate databases to quickly find us a variety of homes for sale in the best school districts. He personally looked over the quality and structural conditions of all homes for us, and did not waste our time with homes that were out of our price range or out of line with our needs. We are not aware of any other realtor offering that level of experience and due-diligence.

A master at contract negotiations, building codes, and new construction homes, Robert located a new construction home we liked very much and negotiated a great deal for us. We found his extensive experience as a Broker/Owner and New Home Construction Expert to be invaluable while dealing with our new home builder, overseeing and specifying upgrades and basement finishing details, and negotiating changes to protect us in the builders custom contract. Nothing escaped Robert’s attention when it came to quickly locating ideal properties for sale, or negotiating contracts. Robert took an active role throughout our home buying process, and was always responsive with updates and easy to reach. He was particularly helpful in making sure all parties, including our lender and closing attorney were on track with contract terms and timelines. Finally, Robert followed up with us after closing to make sure everything was fine.” –Nicholas Chisholm,  Medical Software Executive


East Cobb New Construction Home Buyer

Only work with Robert if you want: EXPERTISE, EFFICIENCY, an EXCELLENT RESULTS. The tools on his websites made for an optimized search based on my requirements. The credentials for code/building inspection along with years of experience are impossible to duplicate in the market place. Robert spent considerable time and effort dissecting complicated New Construction Home contracts and including favorable clauses to protect my interests. Robert then drew up a diagram to help the builder figure out how to stop a water erosion problem in the rear yard of our new home. After trying to do it the easy way, the builder finally did it the way Robert originally advised him to do – problem solved! 

You simply cannot put a monetary figure on the VALUE Robert brings to the table.”–Danny Diaz,  Industrial Manufacturers Representative


East Cobb Luxury Home Buyer

Robert was instrumental in making our first home purchase smooth and easy! My wife Rupal and I were “green” when it came to buying a home, and Robert held our hand the entire way. We expected to take 3-4 months to find our house, and Robert found it for us in only 3 weeks! He goes above and beyond and when the sellers decided to not do some of the repairs, he stepped in and had them completed for us! So, you not only get a buyers broker, you get an expert on home construction and defect repairs who can provide experienced insight about which defects are serious and costly and which aren’t – well beyond what the average agent does!” –Dr. and Ms. Rupal and Jay Kansal, Dentist/Owner Dental Practice



East Cobb Corporate Relocation Family Buyer

We had to relocate from California to the Atlanta area and needed someone to help us quickly find a home and work around our busy family schedule. Robert came to the rescue, guiding us through the process while ensuring we didn’t overlook any critical details. Robert’s expertise in building construction and home inspection paid off as he identified several defects that we were able to consider prior to making our offer. Even after closing, Robert stuck with us to assist in resolving issues that were overlooked by previous pest control inspectors, and advocated on our behalf to make sure these items were properly taken care of. Now that’s going the extra mile!” –Timothy Dahlgren, IT Lead at Underwriters Lab  Environments


Cobb County Buyer & Seller

Robert has exceeded our expectations in both helping us sell our home and then buy a new home. He used his home inspection background to help us avoid several potential headaches (other homes) as well as save us time. Further, he helped us find a home on a golf course that will likely appreciate in value.

In selling our home Robert made numerous recommendations to increase the marketability of our home. These recommendations resulted in a very high level of traffic plus numerous offers in less than 1 week on the market. We initially thought we were under water because of what other agents were selling homes in our neighborhood for, and had planned to rent our home out. Robert felt those prices were wrong and asked us to let him sell our home. We’re glad we listened! Robert sold our home in 9 days at one of the highest prices in the neighborhood – we walked away from closing with thousands in cash!” –Nathan Lenyszyn, MBA, Manager Healthcare


Gwinnett County Corporate Relocation Family Buyer

My husband was transferred from New York to GA and I found Robert by doing a Google search. I chose him because he was both a buyer’s broker and also a licensed building inspector and not being from the area, it was one less company I had to research and choose myself. We were so nervous because we had never even been to Georgia before our first whirlwind trip down to look at homes. Robert was excellent at showing us a large group of homes in a short time, being patient with our ignorance not only about the home buying process but also about the entire area, and pointing out potential money pits that we wouldn’t have been able to recognize on our own. We ended up probably making 4-5 offers on homes and after we exhausted the resources discovered during our initial trip, Robert was good enough to make videos for us to see so we got awesome virtual tours of our potential future homes. In the end he helped us choose a house that was perfect for us and we moved in, sight unseen and we are so happy, a year and a half later. Definitely recommend his services!!! Thanks Robert!” –Rebecca Daniels,  Attorney,  NY


Builder – Robert is a Tenacious Advocate to have on your side, and a Broker who can get Results even in the Worst of Markets!

Robert Whitfield of Advantage Realtors was hired in 2009 to sell two new construction properties we developed in Habersham County near Helen, GA. Our two new homes had been on the market with Re-Max and Keller Williams agents for over two years with no results. To make things more difficult our homes were located in a 32 unit development of mostly bare lots – speculative building had stopped with only 4 homes completed, and none had sold. We talked with Robert and could tell he knew what he was doing and after viewing his marketing plan we could see he used a lot of systems and creative methods to get homes sold. We knew Robert had sold over 90% of his listings and had set a few neighborhood price records in North Atlanta. We decided to give Robert a shot because the homes certainly weren’t getting sold by the other agents.

Robert suggested a variety of options to drive buyer traffic to the homes in this remote development, and we decided to try his trade up strategy to sell the properties and generate some cash flow. We would entertain taking a cheaper home in trade if the buyers deal generated an acceptable amount of cash and if certain criteria were met. We relied on Roberts experience as a Broker to assess these deals from financial, sales, and marketing angles and his experience as an ICC Certified Home Building expert to evaluate these trade-up homes for condition, defects, and general structural conditions. We received trade offers right away but after Robert evaluated the marketability and conditions of several homes he came back and suggested we reject all those offers. 

A short time later we got a call from Robert advising he had a good looking trade deal for one of our new homes and the buyer’s home had passed all the right criteria. Robert negotiated the deal with the buyer and put complex dual contracts together requiring a back to back closing and he successfully sold the first of our homes in the development. A short time later, Robert presented us with another trade deal and sold our final home in the development. A few months later Robert sold the first of the two homes we took in trade and we closed in April 2010.

In the first trade deal, Robert successfully protected our already reduced sales price by rejecting a flawed appraisal which was $25,000 short. Robert had to prove to the lender the appraiser was wrong, and then get the purchaser to accept and agree to a new appraisal, which easily supported our contract price. Robert also assisted us in getting the county Building Department to rush the CO a week sooner than normal. In the second trade deal Robert used his expertise as an ICC Code Certified Building expert to personally evaluate and successfully refute several defects the buyer’s inspector found as invalid, putting the Buyer at ease and helped us come to satisfactory resolution with the buyer. These actions show Roberts dedication and tenacity to help his clients and clearly exceed the responsibilities and capabilities of the typical agent.

We highly recommend Broker Robert Whitfield as your Real Estate Professional of choice. He is a capable and knowledgeable representative and a tenacious advocate and resource to have on your side and Robert has proven to be a Broker who can get results in even the worst of markets.” –Alan Paulk, President Summa Builders, Inc.


Norcross Townhome Buyer – Roberts’s Abilities Paid Off in Ways I Never Imagined!

I am a first time home buyer and would like to refer Robert Whitfield to anyone who is even thinking of buying real estate. I could tell from Roberts’s website that he normally works with clients buying very expensive homes and was not sure he would help me. Robert assured me he would be happy to help me find my first home as long as I had good credit and got qualified for a mortgage first. I got qualified with a lender right away and signed a Buyer Brokerage Agreement for Robert to represent me. 

I chose Robert because he was a Broker and ICC Building Inspection Expert and that really paid off for me in ways I never imagined. As I expected and as advertised, Robert evaluated the condition of every home I was interested in to make sure I was not going to waste my time and money submitting offers and paying inspector fees only to learn it was a seriously defective home I was better off avoiding! That’s valuable information and protection I could never have gotten from any other Realtor. Weeding out bad properties saved me a lot of time and made my choice so much easier.

These days there are a lot of loop holes and hurdles you must go through with lenders and their various requirements – Robert helped me through many of those hurdles but one in particular that could have been a deal killer.

Robert found a fantastic Town-home for me that was in good shape, but after getting an accepted offer we ran into a serious roadblock because the HOA Association did not have critical info needed by my lender to get my unit spot approved for an FHA loan. Robert did research that the Association should have done to find this data, and then supplied the info to the Association so they could fill out the lenders FHA loan questionnaire. My unit was finally FHA approved because of Roberts’s research efforts!

I highly recommend Robert because his determination and ability will make sure your transaction happens and his experience as a Broker and Construction Inspection Expert is a winning combo that will save you time and money – no ordinary agent can provide all this.” Cara Waiswilos – Medical Administrator


Cobb Luxury Home Relocation Buyer – Robert Provides Invaluable Services No Agent We Are Aware Of Can Offer!

Robert Whitfield assisted and represented us in the location, negotiation, and acquisition of our Georgia home in May through the closing in August 2008. Because we were relocating from Northridge, California and had little knowledge of the Atlanta housing market, we relied heavily on Robert’s in-depth knowledge of the local area market and his experience as a licensed Broker/Owner.

Throughout the search process which ranged from North Fulton and East Cobb to West Marietta, Robert was happy to escort us through each home in which we were interested, often multiple times. Robert not only quickly located every property that even remotely matched our needs, but evaluated the structure of each home we seriously considered to look for defects. This is an invaluable service that we were not aware of any other agent providing. The feedback on both positive and negative aspects of each home was a key component in helping us make a choice among the best homes available.

Throughout the entire process, Robert handled all matters and made our home buying experience an enjoyable one – from helping us access and see homes to negotiating an offer that was accepted in our favor, referring us to our lender and home inspector, setting up our closing, and arranging the drafting of a Power of Attorney so Arlinda could sign at closing on Ron’s behalf while he attended to commitments back in California. We highly recommend Robert Whitfield as your buyer broker of choice.” –Ron Martinez – Movie Producer and Dr. Arlinda Eaton – Dean of Education, CA


Seller – Robert oversaw entire rehab – then SOLD home in worst market in years – March 2008!

We would like to suggest to anyone wishing to sell or buy real estate to strongly consider the Robert Whitfield Home Selling Team. Even though Robert has a team we received his personal service and representation at all times. Robert successfully sold our property in March 2008 in the worst real estate market in 30 years – and our home was not in the best of school systems. We had initially considered a popular neighborhood ReMax agent with several listings in the area, however, upon reviewing Robert’s 97% list to sell ratio, additional marketing systems other agents weren’t using, and his extra knowledge as a Broker/Owner, hiring Robert became the obvious choice. Our decision turned out to be a very wise move as many of the other listed homes in the area are still for sale as of this writing.

Our property needed some updating, minor structural repairs, and decoration changes to make it market ready. Robert visited our home and suggested a scope of repairs and improvements to obtain maximum effect for the least amount of money. We relied on Roberts design and color recommendations regarding carpet, paint, tile, and granite installation and entrusted Robert to handle the complete oversight of this work from developing a scope of work for multiple contractor trades, to securing competitive bids from his list of contractors, monitoring all work, and verifying proper completion prior to making final payment to each contractor. We forwarded Robert funds to complete our rehab work and Robert accounted for every penny of the funds he held in escrow for us, and submitted receipts for all work and the unused funds remaining at the end of the rehab.

In addition to his real estate and marketing skills, Roberts experience and knowledge of construction and property rehab and qualifications as an ICC Certified Combination Building Inspector was an invaluable asset throughout the process of remodeling and updating our home. Robert also verified items the buyer’s inspector found and assisted us with repair negotiations and then ensured the proper and most cost effective repair of those items by the deadline.

We highly recommend Robert Whitfield as your Realtor of choice.” –Dr. and Ms. Phillip & Suzanne Bracken


Corporate Relocation Seller & New Construction Home Buyer – Robert Saves Sellers Over $30,000!

We would like to thank you for your recent services in selling our Smyrna/Mableton home, the same home in which you represented us in the construction and purchase of, as our Buyer Broker in 2002. Our second experience working with you was again very positive and a great choice on our part. With my job relocation taking us out of Georgia, securing a buyer for this home in under 30 days and successfully negotiating one of the top neighborhood prices was a huge win for us!

Robert, your efforts in the three weeks leading up to closing, were clearly above and beyond what we would have expected from a Realtor. In particular, your effort in handling the flawed appraisal on our home was critical to keeping the deal on track and preventing us from being in a very difficult position with the buyer. Obviously, as the sellers we disagreed with the appraisal but otherwise had no qualifications and therefore no real grounds to question or challenge the appraiser because he is the “expert”. Your were able to quickly recognize that the initial appraiser made several significant errors resulting in an appraised value that was more than $30,000 under our agreed on sales price with the buyers. Without your involvement and oversight the erroneous appraisal would have stood, and we would have either lost the sale or been forced to suffer a significant price cut in favor of the buyers. We were already out of Atlanta at our new location and you handled the entire situation for us from beginning to end. We are convinced that a less tenacious and knowledgeable Realtor would not have been willing, nor known how to effectively and expeditiously handle this situation to achieve the successful outcome.

Equally impressive was your willingness to work directly with my Companies relocation agency which was occasionally difficult to deal with. Finally Robert, you volunteering to personally verify the inspection items, (even helping us with a few of the minor repairs) while pointing out, and refuting several items that were incorrect calls made by the buyers inspector, was a big help and truly showed your 110% commitment to serving your clients.

We would be more than willing and happy to recommend you to any prospective clients. Thanks again for the fantastic support.” —Paul and Michelle Parkes – General Electric Corporation


Seller – Robert sold my home in only 13 days, and for over $8,500 more than a well known Keller Williams agent wanted to list my home for!

When it was time to sell my home in East Cobb, I interviewed Robert Whitfield of Advantage Realtors, and agents from both Keller Williams and ReMax. The other agents gave me printed materials and a very long winded listing presentation. They seemed to dwell more on their company’s reputation and market share than what they personally could do for me. Unlike a lot of people I am not impressed by a big national company name or how many homes an agent has sold – that only tells you how well the agent did for themselves, not their sellers. I wanted the most experienced agent and one who could prove positive results for past sellers. As Robert pointed out, it’s not the agents company that sells your home – it’s the individual agent you hire – their marketing plan better have something different if you want different results.

I was impressed with Roberts short and to the point laptop Marketing Presentation. I chose Robert as my listing broker because of his superior marketing plan, and his documented results for other sellers.

As an added benefit, I felt I was in more capable hands because Robert is the Broker/Owner of his own company and a Licensed ICC Certified Building Inspection Expert as well. Choosing Robert really paid off. Robert sold my home in only 13 days, and for over $8,500 more than a well known Keller Williams agent suggested I list my home for!

When my home was inspected Robert personally verified all defect items the inspector found and helped me negotiate and even refute some of the repairs saving me about $2000. Robert also helped me coordinate the repairs with contractors.

I highly recommend Robert to anyone who needs to sell their home for the most money possible, but also wants a level representation and expertise the typical agent simply can’t provide.” –Gloria Panarello


Seller – We Would Have Been In Big Trouble With Any Ordinary Agent – Robert Saved Us Thousands!

Robert Whitfield was referred to us by a family member after he sold her home in East Cobb and got the second highest price ever in her neighborhood. Before she hired Robert, our relative’s house had already been on the market for over a year with two different Re-Max firms without selling. Robert looked at her house and diagnosed a major repair problem he felt was causing buyers to reject her home, and helped her get it repaired. Our home had no major problems but needed some general repairs and Robert was very helpful in suggesting what we needed to address for the maximum return on our expenditure and then gave us a variety of proven contractors to choose from to get our house market ready. We called Robert out to list our home when our improvements were complete.

Roberts advertising and marketing system beat what all the other agents in our neighborhood were doing and that was important to us in the slower 2007 market. What we never expected was how valuable it was going to be that we listed our home with a Realtor (Broker/Owner) who is also a Licensed ICC Certified Building Inspector.

We got an accepted offer, but the buyer’s inspector picked our house to pieces. Worse, the buyers had a contractor come over and quote over $12,000 to correct the inspector’s repairs! Roberts’s first response was to personally verify everything on the 35 plus page inspection report. Robert then advised the buyer’s agent which items were not code violations, which items were in error, and which items were not defects per the language in the purchase contract. Robert even had to send a joist span table out of his code book to prove there was nothing wrong with our deck after the inspector advised the buyers to consult a structural engineer! That report could have scared off any buyer but Robert assured us he wasn’t going to let them walk away based on the flawed report!

We would have been in big trouble with any ordinary agent. Even courts defer to the inspectors opinion. Robert helped us negotiate the repairs from a position of power and knowledge rather than being subject to spending thousands to address overzealous and incorrect calls. Robert was able to get a contractor in for us and handle all of the repairs for less than a 10th of the buyer’s repair quote saving us thousands of dollars and saving our deal!

We highly recommend Robert Whitfield to anyone selling or buying a home, his unmatched experience and qualifications can really pay off as it did for us.” –Jin & Jong–Wan Chung


Buyer – Robert Went Above And Beyond The Expected Responsibilities Of A Realtor!

Robert helped us buy our first home and went above and beyond the expected responsibilities of a real estate agent. We heartily recommend Robert to anyone who wants to get the most for their money! Thanks Robert! You are the best!” –Renee and Chad Bishop – Nurse Northside Hospital


Seller & Buyer, Seller & Buyer – Robert Sells Home In 7 Days!

Robert came to us with a unique game plan to do more than just put our home in the MLS, but to actually target likely buyers for our home. The result – Robert sold our home in only 7 days – while other homes had been listed in our neighborhood for as long as a year! Robert then represented us in the purchase of a great nearly new home, first evaluating the home to insure there were no serious and costly defects BEFORE helping us craft and submit the offer. Robert drafted an offer with special stipulations to protect us in the purchase and successfully negotiated with the sellers to help us get the best possible price. Robert set up both closings in two different counties with his attorneys and coordinated all aspects of both transactions for smooth closings. I recommend Robert as your Broker of choice over any ordinary agent.” –Philip Smith – IBM System Sales


Seller – Robert Saved Deal & Set Price Record!

Robert Whitfield of Advantage Realtors was hired to sell our home in Marietta (East Cobb). We interviewed several agents from all the national firms but chose Robert because he was not just an agent, but an experienced Broker who owned his own firm, and a Code Certified Construction Expert as well. Our decision to hire Robert over the other agents really paid off. Robert not only sold our home in only 42 days during the slower late fall season, but negotiated hard with the buyers agent to protect our price – selling our home for the highest price in our neighborhood to date. As if that weren’t enough, with only 8 days to go before closing the lenders title attorney found two old closed home equity lines still showing up recorded as a lien on our home! This scared the buyer who assured us he would cancel and not extend closing if we could not cure the title defects prior to closing. If it were not for Roberts’s tenacity and persistent negotiations with the bank in Pittsburgh to secure the satisfaction letters in record time, we would never have closed! We highly recommend Robert as your Broker over any ordinary agent and suggest no seller try to go it alone – there are just too many ways for a sale to fall apart!” –Charles and Betty Cook – Retired


International Corporate Relocation Buyer – Chose Robert Over Harry Norman Realtors

I would like to thank you for your exceptional service during our recent home purchase. As you know, we were relocating from the United Kingdom and had a week to locate a home prior to arriving in the Atlanta area. Even though our Corporate Relocation Department suggested we use an agent at Harry Norman Realtors, we chose you as our Buyer Broker because of your added expertise as a Licensed Principal Broker and extra qualifications as an ICC Building Code Certified Home Construction & Inspection Expert.

The work you were able to accomplish prior to our arrival made our selection and purchase of a home incredibly smooth and easy.
Your pre-arrival services were invaluable to a successful house-hunting trip. After discussing with us the specifics of what type of home we would like and the desired schools and locations, you were able to e mail photos and info on about 40 very relevant homes for our review out of 95 available East Cobb properties. Once we had narrowed this list slightly, your individual pre-screening of each home further weeded out properties that either didn’t truly meet our desires or had serious and costly flaws.

The value of this service cannot be under-stated, as we did not have to waste time touring homes of this nature on our brief house-hunting trip. Had we done so, we would not have located our current home in the week we had allocated to the search! In fact, one of the top properties you found for us was purchased before we could arrive to see it! Amazingly, your pre-evaluations presented us with the top five houses that, after touring, were all in prime condition and desirable. My wife and I were left with the pleasurable task of deciding which of the five to buy. We also were reassured when touring the homes as you pointed out not only the good points, but the flaws in each. This allowed us to make informed decisions regarding issues of concern and, in the end, allowed us to negotiate the repairs into the initial sales contract, assuring their correction, rather than leaving this to chance with the traditional re-negotiation after contract and inspection.

We were also greatly appreciative of your extensive preparation regarding contracts, true market value, and inspections. Prior to us arriving, you discussed the market conditions, all comps in the area, and what an acceptable offer on each home might look like. In all, we felt that we have received excellent value and “instant” equity in the home, primarily due to your market expertise. You also had all the required contracts and paperwork ready, so we were able to produce all the required documentation instantly, including closing power of attorney since we were overseas. This also made our buying experience easy and stress free. Interestingly, it only took one day to look at your pre-screened homes, place an offer, and receive an accepted offer. Incredibly, all of our desired inspections were completed in the same week, as well as additional negotiations regarding radon mitigation.

In testimony to your skill in the pre-evaluation of homes, our home inspector found NO additional significant issues with the home. This provided us exceptional peace of mind, as we had all the information and issues about the house settled prior to our return to the UK. It cannot be emphasized enough that all of this transpired in one week, a virtually unheard of speed when dealing in real estate!

To further expound on your services, you provided excellent closing advice and coordination with our mortgage provider in Illinois. They received all the required information in a very timely manner and we were able to escrow all the required funds, as well as set up all insurance in the same week as well. You were extremely helpful in discussing our required activities and making sure we were ready to close. This meant that we did not have to coordinate any activity from the UK and it allowed us to focus on moving, once again greatly easing the stress load. You even handled follow up inspections of the few repairs and kept us informed with the progress. When we arrived for closing less than 24 hours after stepping off the aircraft from the UK, we found everything complete and in order, allowing us to close easily.

We would like to sincerely thank you for your efforts in locating our new home. My wife and I are convinced that we would have never located as fine a home so rapidly and for such an excellent price had we not employed your services. This is our third home purchase, and we have never received such comprehensive and professional assistance in locating and purchasing a home.” –John and Elizabeth Brewer –Design Engineer – Kimberly Clark Corporation, UK Div.


East Cobb Corporate Relocation Seller – We Chose Robert Because Of His Superior Marketing Plan – He Sold Our Home For The Third Highest Price Ever In Our Neighborhood!

When we were being relocated to Colorado, we interviewed Robert Whitfield of Advantage Realtors, and two different ReMax agents in preparation to select an agent to sell our home. We ultimately chose Robert as our listing broker because of his superior marketing plan, pricing strategy, and results for other sellers. We knew Robert had sold another home in our neighborhood and it not only sold in a short time, it also established the highest price for any home ever sold in our subdivision. Our decision to hire Robert paid off because he sold our home in the slower winter months in only 38 days, and helped us get the third highest price to date in our neighborhood. In the Marketing Presentation Robert mentioned the benefits of being not only a Licensed Broker, but also a Code Certified Building Expert.

As it turned out, this extra experience came into play when our home was inspected because Robert personally verified all the defect items the inspector found and was able to help us avoid an unnecessary and expensive repair by proving the item was not a defect. Robert also helped us hold the deal together when our buyer noticed some water in the crawl space due to improperly directed downspouts after an unusually heavy rain the day before closing.

We highly recommend Robert to anyone who needs to sell their home and wants the most money possible, and the least amount of hassle. Robert provides a level of experienced representation, counsel, and assistance that goes beyond what ordinary agents can offer.” –Jared and Margie Miller


Buyer & Seller & New Construction Home Buyer – Robert Is A Must Have I The Home Buying Process!

I cannot express what a pleasure it was working with Robert Whitfield. He made the relocation process so easy! Each time I came to Atlanta to look at homes with him he gave me his undivided attention. I emphasize “attention” since Robert Whitfield has great attention to detail. I’ve moved several times over the past ten years and Robert is by far the most professional real estate associate that I’ve ever worked with. Robert’s customer service does not end at the closing either. He will gladly follow up on any issues you may have after getting established. Robert is a “must have” in the home buying process – you can’t lose!” –Brian and Andrea Donar, Pilot FED EX, GA


Dunwoody Buyer- Roberts Actions Are Proof He Has The Client’s Interests At Heart!

Nancy and I again want to thank you for your patience and professional character and actions throughout the total house hunting process. We were very impressed with your service – your actions demonstrate that you truly have the clients interests and desires at heart. If you ever need a recommendation please feel free to use Nancy and my name.” –Bill and Nancy Drury, Retired Aerospace Engineer, AL


Smyrna Buyer- No Other Realtor Has Come Close to Matching Roberts Buyer Representation Services!

We have dealt with several “agents” over the web and are duly impressed with our interaction with you. We really enjoyed the time we spent with you touring Atlanta and Vinings. We were very impressed with your ability to not only locate property based on sound investment considerations, but sound construction as well. No other Realtor we have ever worked with has come close to offering that level of service to us when buying a home. We certainly look forward to partnering with you when we relocate. We will refer anyone we know who is planning to move to Atlanta to you in the future.” –Ted and Gail Beaulieu, IT Manager, TN


East Cobb Relocation Buyer- Robert Provides A Truly Exceptional Service!

We both really like the outstanding home and builder you found for us in East Cobb. I really appreciate your help in locating suitable new homes to preview. The outstanding insight on quality of construction you provided during our tour of all the neighborhoods is certainly unique – it made our ultimate purchase decision much easier. I am sure your business will continue to succeed – you are a diligent person that provides a truly exceptional service!” –Mike Walker, E Commerce Consultant IBM, CO


Buyer – Robert Found Unique Home In Record Time – Caught & Addressed Foundation Problem!

I was certainly surprised when you filled my request for such a unique property so quickly! I am confident that if I had used any other realtor, I would have “bought the foundation problem” which you spotted and had your engineer evaluate, and the sellers agree to fix! I will recommend your outstanding services to anyone who is planning to buy a home in Atlanta, but they better be ready to move! Please send me some of your brochures and cards to pass out.” –Bettye Scrutchin, R.N., GA


First Time Buyers- Robert Helped Us Avoid Some Really Poor Quality Properties!

We are very thankful for your outstanding service, you helped us avoid some really poor properties while house hunting. We would never have found this home without you.” –Louis Bryson, Jason Sylvain, Wireless Communications, GA